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ESG Investing

Align your values with your investment strategy

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Invest in a portfolio that aligns with the causes you are passionate about.

Demonstrate your impact

MRA works with to access technology that can show exposure to companies that exhibit Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) characteristics. The software gathers data from 100+ sources on environmental+social issues, then calculates impact for a given portfolio. The results include metrics and stories.

For example, “you saved 18 cars off the road equivalent in carbon emissions” and “your fund manager, Parnassus, convinced MDU Energy to reduce its carbon emissions.”

What are your values?

Complete the “Your Values” Questionnaire and learn how MRA Advisory can help you align your investment portfolio with your values.

ESG Screening*



40,000+ symbols listed on US exchanges. Mutual Funds, ETFs, and Companies.


Impact issue categories include 5 mega-themes and 20 subcategories.


Metrics aggregated from 100+ vetted sources, and growing.


Show intuitive impact metrics, like “# cars taken off the road through lower carbon emissions.”

WealthBuilder ESG Portfolio – All Equity

ESG is a tool to invest for both societal impact and returns. ESG is about the positive impact of making a difference in moving towards a more progressive sustainable world through direct investments. This approach uses a set of criteria developed by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Program.

Looking at the UN goals, MRA Advisory Group constructed an ESG Investment Strategy to include investments in companies that are concerned about their responsibilities towards meeting more sustainable goals and making this world a better place.

MRA Advisory’s active approach incorporates investment allocation among all equity asset classes. Our methodology is based on thematic investing. We select companies focused on environmental solutions, carbon free products, organic food, women’s equality, clean water resources, climate action, worker’s rights, diversity & inclusion, new medical discoveries, affordable housing and accessible healthcare products & services.

MRA Advisory selects those ETFs and/or mutual funds that meet the criteria of Environmental, Social & Governance Investing (ESG). Our selection process includes the analysis of each fund and ranks them according to asset class performance, ESG criteria, investment strategies, liquidity, expense ratios and yield. Weightings of each fund is based on macroeconomic outlooks.

*YourStake looks for data that meet the following criteria:

1) Hosted by government, SEC, academic, or trusted NGO sources.
2) Applies to a broad set of companies, either across a sector, geographical region, or the whole economy.
3) Contains quantitative, comparable measures.
4) Updated frequently to reflect the current state of the world. 

In general, YourStake chooses not to gather data from voluntary company reporting because companies often use different methodologies to report similar metrics, leading to the inability to compare, or worse, misleading comparisons that are not apples-to-apples. Instead, by using third-party and standardized data sources, we can ensure fair comparability. YourStake frequently updates and improves our list of data sources.

YourStake has also put together a proprietary database of shareholder engagement actions. This database draws from company reporting, including fund manager impact reports, websites, press releases, blog posts, and the general news media.

YourStake determine that a NGO source is a trusted source if it:

1) Has a detailed and transparent methodology.
2) Is used by academic, government, or investor actors to evaluate or engage with companies.

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