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Managing Risk

MRA Advisory Group manages five Risk Number Model Portfolios: Risk Number 30-40 (Moderate Conservative ), Risk Number 41-50 (Moderate), Risk Number 51-60 (Moderate Aggressive), Risk Number 60  (Aggressive) and Risk Number 70+ (All Equity). Before investing, we encourage clients to identify which Risk Number Model Portfolio is best suitable for their investment objectives and time horizon. As such, we can help clients select and set portfolio expectations using a measure of a risk rather than return, leading to a better informed and more satisfied clients.

How much risk do you have in your portfolio?

We seek to eliminate the stereotypes that have made risk tolerance labels ineffective. We use leading scientific theory to objectively pinpoint an investor’s Risk Number. Simple or detailed. Across the room or across the world.

A portfolio-wide Risk Number enables our clients to make investment decisions that demonstrate alignment with their appetite for risk and their  investment objectives.

What’s Your Risk Number?

First Quarter 2019 Commentary

Trading coincidentally with the market, our WealthBuilder portfolios performed very well for Q1 of 2109. As such, we rebalanced each of the Risk Number based portfolios to return them to their risk trading range.

MRA Advisor Group’s Investment Committee remains cautiously optimistic that there is still measured near-term up side to the markets for the following reasons:

-The Fed has adopted a less aggressive posture with regard to future rate hikes and therefore; inflation is no longer a short-term concern;
– The continued high level trade talks with China to broker a deal is not fully priced into the market yet;
– China’s better than expected manufacturing numbers
The slight inversion of the yield curve on the very short end of the curve is the “whip effect” of the Fed’s rate hikes from 2018. The Investment Committee does not see this as an imminent precursor to a recession, which the Committee feels would be, at a minimum, four to six quarters out in the future.

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WealthBuilder Portfolios 

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