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The investment industry is famous for focusing on “return on investment,” but when it comes to your retirement nest egg, there’s more to consider than simply saving money and earning a return on investments. One flaw in this way of thinking is not appreciating that anything that saves money or helps you squeeze the most enjoyment possible out of your time can be viewed as a return on investment during retirement.

Viewing Time as a Return on Investment

One challenge in quantifying a return on time, especially as it relates to retirement, is that retirement is not a single, consistent block of time. Breaking it down into decades can serve to evaluate what a return on time really means during the retirement years:

  • The Go-Go Years (age 65 to 75) is a decade to focus on family, friends, travel, hobbies, and anything else on the bucket list that requires an active lifestyle.
  • The Slower-Go Years (age 76 to 85) will be different. They may still be “go” years, but they will likely be slower-go years in many respects.
  • The Won’t-Go Years (age 86 to 100) are a time when it may be more difficult to sustain as active a lifestyle as in the prior two decades.

Getting a Return on Retirement

Spending money on travel and events during the Go-Go Years, focusing on less-expensive hobbies and activities during the Slower-Go Years, and simply spending time with those close to us and staying social during the Won’t-Go Years will all serve to generate a return on time during retirement in their own ways.

A “Return on Retirement” will look different to everyone but MRA Advisory Group can help. Let’s work together and come up with a plan that fits your current, and future, lifestyle.

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