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We are a generational planning firm. We offer flexible subscription-based advisory services for all stages of your financial journey.



Service level ideal for young professionals with emerging wealth



Service level ideal for mid-career professionals with established wealth



Service level ideal for pre-retirees and retired clients looking to protect, grow and/or distribute wealth

Women & Wealth


For women looking to achieve and maintain financial independence

  • Dealing with a job loss?

  • Concerned about your investment portfolio?

  • Need a transition to retirement?

  • Paying too much in taxes?

  • Schedule a free virtual meeting¬†with one of our fiduciary advisors

    What to expect:

    • A¬†friendly and knowledgeable staff who understands the financial issues of your generation

    • Confidentiality about your financial situation

    • Professionals who work in a fiduciary capacity

    • An open conversation about your financial goals and dreams

    • An initial assessment of any “financial blind spots” which may be in the way for you to achieve your financial goals

    • Disclosure on how we are compensated and an outline of how we can partner with you to help you reach your financial goals

Personal Services


Personal Financial Planning

Sign up for our WealthBuilder Planning System and work one-on-one with one of our Financial Advisors towards helping you reach your financial goals.

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WealthBuilder Investing

Goal-based investing for specific goals: retirement, college, major purchase. Globally diversified ETF (Exchange Trade Funds) or stocks portfolios based on your risk tolerance and time horizon

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Individual 401K/403B Advice

Introducing RetirementBuilder. Personalized investment advisory services for 401ks, 403bs, IRAs and annuities held away from our firm. With RetirementBuilder, we can help you manage your retirement accounts no matter where they are held using our multi-custodian trading platform.

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Individual Taxes

Tax preparation and advice. We work as part of your team to ensure that taxes don’t derail your financial plan.  Our tax experts stay up to date on the ever-changing tax laws and can help you make appropriate decisions.

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  • Life
  • Disability
  • Long-term care
  • Home and auto (coming soon!)

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Residential Real Estate

MRA Real Estate Advisors is not your ordinary real estate broker. Our comprehensive approach adds a holistic approach to each real estate transaction by helping clients gain a deeper understanding of the short and long-term impact of each real estate transaction as it relates to their overall financial goals.

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Other Personal services

Business Services


Business Tax Prep and Planning

Year-end tax preparation, accounting services, tax management/planning services

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Business Services

End the chaos of running your business by yourself. Get it done with SmallBizExecs

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Business Insurance

Get instant multiple quotes for: General Liability, Workers Compensation and much more.
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Insurance for Employees

Get fast multi-carrier quotes and proposals for your business including medical, dental, vision, life, cancer and disability.

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Payroll and HR

Take the mystery out of payroll processing and HR. It’s time to streamline and automate your process.

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Business Retirement Plans

  • Easy and affordable business retirement plans
  • Plan administration & recordkeeping
  • Compliance & reporting
  • Investment management

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Other Business services

Take the mystery out of investment management. Our investing platform is flexible and easy to use

Paperless Account Opening

Paperless account opening and transfers with just a few clicks

Auto Deposits and Transfers

Automate your investment savings and transfer from your external accounts

No Fees to Buy or Sell

No additional fees to buy or sell securities in your portfolio

Portfolio Rebalancing

We rebalance your portfolio at no additional cost to you

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Year-to-date results as of 7/31/20* 

  • Portfolio Risk Number 30-40* 3.93% 3.93%
  • Portfolio Risk Number 41-50* 4.74% 4.74%
  • Portfolio Risk Number 51-60* 4.15% 4.15%
  • Portfolio Risk Number 61-70* 5.04% 5.04%
  • Portfolio Risk Number 71+* 6.32% 6.32%
  • Strategic Opportunities Portfolio 73+ (min. investment: $50,000)* 40.99% 40.99%

**S&P 500: 1.25%, **Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate: 6.27%, **MSCI EAFE: -10.64%

* Year-to-date results as of 7/31/20. All Performance and Return data is shown for a hypothetical portfolio and does not represent actual portfolio performance. Performance and Return data are net of applicable fund expenses, including management fees, but the performance and return data does not include the deduction of fees charged by MRA. Past performance does not guarantee or indicate future results. See ADV Brochure for disclosures, fees, risks and other considerations. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

** Year-to-date results as of 7/31/20. Source: YCharts.

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