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Tax services provided by affiliate MRA Tax Services, LLC.


No one wants to pay more than their fair share of taxes, but few people understand our complex tax system (even with the new tax law!).

Our Tax Team offers tax preparation and ongoing tax advice while bringing it all together with other areas of your financial life.

Together we work with you to help you answer many tax questions such as:

– Have you created a tax diversification strategy to minimize your tax liability today and in the future?
– Are you paying too much in taxes?
– Are you taking advantages of all tax savings opportunities?
– Are you taking all of the deductions you are entitled to?


Our Tax Team offers business tax preparation services as well as ongoing tax advice while coordinating with other aspects of your financial life.

– Tax Planning and Preparation by CPA
– Entity type review and business formation consulting
– Quarterly and annual business tax filing
– Business tax review
– Year-round access to our team of tax and accounting experts

MRA Advisory Group welcomes McManus CPA clients into our family!

MRA Advisory Group would like to welcome all the McManus CPA tax clients that our now part of our family!

After 40 years, Ed McManus decided to retire while remaining a consultant for MRA Tax Services. After considering dozens of companies, Ed felt that the tax division of MRA Advisory Group, which is under the leadership of Alison Cogan, CPA – Director of MRA Tax Services, was the most qualified firm to continue serving and adding value to his clients.

We wish Ed and his family the best of luck in the future!

For additional information, please contact:

Gene Hale

Director of Business Development
MRA Advisory Group
Phone: 973.698.7502

Alison Cogan
Director of Tax Services

MRA Advisory Group
Phone: 973.265.1182


Federal Income Tax

Albert Einstein was attributed as saying, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” Use the following calculator to help get a rough estimate of your tax liability.

Capital Gains Tax Estimator

Federal taxes on your net capital gain(s) may vary depending on your marginal income tax bracket and the holding period of the asset. Use this calculator to help estimate capital gain taxes due on your transactions.

Social Security Taxes

Here’s the bad news: The government may tax up to 85% of your Social Security benefit. The good news: It’s possible to manage how much of your Social Security is taxed.

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