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Beth Roccisano, age 23, has experience as a licensed esthetician for 3 years. After graduating from Christine Valmy Beauty School in May of 2015, Beth accepted her first job with a team of licensed estheticians located in Westwood, NJ in June of that year. Over the course of those three years, Beth has built a strong following throughout Bergen County, New Jersey. Below, Beth took the time to discuss with MRA Advisory Group what tools contributed to building a successful practice and what her plans for the future are.

In your opinion, what was the toughest business challenge you have faced, and what steps did you take to overcome them?

Building my own base of clientele was my toughest challenge. Gaining experience over time, my own talent, and word of mouth by the few clients I started out with was the only way I overcame being a no name. The beauty industry fears the “new kid.” Yes, it’s frustrating, but allowing my name to age while trusting the few clients I started with to spread my name and skills helped tremendously.

Did you have a team of professionals that had helped you along the way? Who and how were they able to help?

Yes, I had a large team of help. Estheticians who have been in the industry longer than I, my managers, and my supervisors who helped train me and perfect my skills. Although, before I knew it, I wasn’t requiring their help anymore. I did pick up on my skills quickly. I still lean on anyone in my industry for guidance and am a firm believer in never stopping learning and growing.

What opportunities for growth do you see for yourself and for your industry?

I am my own opportunity of growth. That’s what I love about my industry; I can mold my career and my future just by the amount of effort choose to put forth.

What has been your most important asset for growth?

My most important asset of growth without a doubt is social media. Free global advertisement is something any successor should use. Although, social media is not easy. The fact that I have an artistic eye and keep up with trends helps.

Why did you choose your particular industry?

I chose the beauty industry because it has been my passion since childhood. I grew up in a family of beauticians and a location of the world that is obsessed with every part of the industry. It was very easy for me to become immersed in it.

It seems that you have a strong client following. What strengths to you believe you possess that have allowed you to build this base and retain them?

Thank you, I do have a strong following. There are many reasons on how I retained the following I did. Social media and my talent are the simple answers. The deep answer I have, although, is stereotype. I am born and raised in the north eastern region of New Jersey. Living and working here my whole life has shown me that my region has a “type” of female and male. I do not take offense or find the “North Jersey” stereotype offensive I actually love it and use it to my advantage. My point of mentioning stereotypes is that I truly feel I empathize with the lives of my clients. I think any successful sales/business person needs to visually reflect and empathize with the target market and demographic they are trying to reach. When my clients look at me and my life I feel they think I look familiar and view me as a safe zone. I like to give off the energy of feeling at home in my presence. My talent is just a bonus.

In your opinion, what is the most important differentiator between achieving success in your industry and becoming “just another” esthetician?

How I separate myself instead of becoming “just another esthetician” is personalizing the client experience. I have a few hundred clients and my main goal is for my clients to feel like they are my only one. Remaining professional while connecting on a personal level is something I’m always striving to achieve. I think my clients return to me is because I make them feel like a priority.

For more information on Beth’s practice and to view her work, visit her Instagram profile, @browsbybeth_