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Paul S. Plemenos

Director of Wealth Management

Phone: + 1 844.672.7623

Paul S. Plemenos
Director of Wealth Management

Paul also serves the Director of Wealth Management at MRA Advisory Group since July of 2015. He is also a Partner and an investment committee member of MRA Capital Partners. From 2010–2015 he was a Financial Advisor and Vice President at Merrill Lynch; from 2003-2010, Financial Advisor and First Vice President at Wells Fargo Advisors and from 1997-2003, Financial Advisor and Associate Vice President at Morgan Stanley. He holds the following registrations: FINRA 7, 63, 65, 31. He earned a BS in Environmental and Business Economics from Rutgers University, NJ in 1991.

He is an avid fundraiser for the GoryebChildren’s Hospital. In the past three years, through his racing endeavors, he has raised over $50,000 to provide for various projects. He resides in Sparta, NJ.

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