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Today, I want to talk with you about investing in Climate Change Initiatives.

Earth Day was celebrated last month on April 22nd with many organizations illustrating how they understand the importance of climate change and the need to directly invest in ways to improve our natural resources of land, water, and air. Many corporations today have Sustainability Offices that focus on how to combat pollution, reduce carbon emissions, invest in renewable energies, reduce garbage and plastic consumption, and conserve water resources, to name a few.  What is critical is that we all have an action plan to address climate change.

What can you do as an individual?

Start thinking about moving towards net zero waste living. This means working on the 5 R’s of Refuse, Reduce, Recycle, Rot, and Reuse.  Refuse and just say no to excess consumption. Reduce your carbon footprint. Recycle your cardboard and plastic usage. Rot by composting your excess food waste. Reuse goods like purchasing used furniture.

We can all do our part in getting to net zero carbon emissions.

At MRA Advisory Group, we encourage our clients to think about Sustainable Investing by purchasing equities in companies at the forefront of climate change. In this blog, I will be exploring the different ways individuals can invest in addressing climate change by exploring our current investment themes.

WealthBuilder ESG All Equity Portfolio

Renewable and Clean Energy with a focus on Solar, Hydrogen, and Wind Turbines

Manufacturing of Electrical Vehicles and Semiconductor Technology

Carbon Reduction Technologies and CCUS – Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage

Clean Water Resources and Products

Environmental Services; the Reduction of Plastic, Waste, and Hazardous Materials

Food Sustainability and Green Agriculture

If you’re interested in Socially Responsible Investing, schedule a meeting with Beth to get started! You can schedule an appointment by calling 973-265-1183

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