Whether you are an early or late bloomer, you can count on MRA as a financial partner that is fully committed towards helping you reach your financial goals.

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Flexible subscription services for all life stages

Financial Planning Services

Wealth Management Services

WealthBuilder Investing

Investing with a dedicated advisor
From0.40% - 1.50%/year
  • – Goals-based investing: retirement, college, major purchase

  • – Globally diversified ETF (Exchange Trade Funds) or Stock portfolios based on your risk tolerance and time horizon

  •  Dedicated fiduciary financial advisor

  • – No commissions. Account minimum: $5,000


Individual 401K, 403B, and IRA Advice
From0.40% - 1.50%/year
  • – Personalized investment advisory services for certain accounts such as 401Ks, 403Bs, IRAs and annuities held away from our firm.

  • – With RetirementBuilder, we can help you manage your retirement accounts no matter where they are held using our multi-custodian trading platform.

  • – Accounts managed at your current custodian (restrictions apply).

  • – The technology behind our trading platform enables our Wealth Advisors to trade, rebalance or reallocate your investments based on your financial goals, risk profile and time horizon.

  • – No long-term commitments. Start or cancel the service at any time.

Add-on Services

Estate Planning**

Document Preparation Services**
From $750
  • – Estate Planning is an essential component to your overall financial plan.  It allows you to gain more control over aspects of your life both during your lifetime and after your death.

  • – Trust

  • – Certification of Trust

  • – General Transfer

  • – Financial Power of Attorney

  • – Medical Power of Attorney or Advance Health Care Directive

  • – HIPAA Release

  • – Will

Life Insurance

Protect want you can't afford to lose
Based on needs/
  • – Protecting what you can’t afford to lose such as your ability to earn an income and your loved ones from a premature death or illness make up one of the foundations of a solid financial plan.

  • – We educate and help protect clients in the areas of insurance using a comprehensive due diligence process.  The process includes:

  • 1) Determining your insurance needs based upon your personal financial situation

  • 2) Evaluating multiple insurance types and providers

  • 3) Facilitating the underwriting process, which determines your insurance eligibility

  • 4)  Helping you choose a plan based upon your needs 

Small Business Solutions

Based on needs/
  • – End the chaos of running your business by yourself

  • – Need a partner who understands your business?

  • – Wearing too many hats?

  • Want to work with seasoned professionals?

  • – Looking for flexibility on services to hire?

  • – Want to focus on business growth Get it done with SmallBizExecs

– Case complexity is determined by a combination of meetings per year, number of goals and net worth structure.

* See ADV Brochure for additional details.

** Scope of Service: MRA will conduct a client interview to gather data that will be forwarded to HELIOS INTEGRATED PLANNING (“HIP”). HIP will then prepare the estate planning documents strictly using the data gathered by MRA.