Automated Investing

No commissions. Fee-based advice. 


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Automated Investing

Open and fund your account with just a few clicks. Account minimum: $5,000.

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  • Internet-based investing for specific goals: retirement, college, major purchase
  • Globally diversified ETF (Exchange Trade Funds) portfolios based on your risk tolerance and time horizon
  • Automated account transfers/withdrawals
  • Fully digital account opening and servicing (open an account in just a few minutes)
  • Account Manager access via email, phone or text (no dedicated advisor)
  • No commissions. Account minimum: $5,000

    *Annual fee: 0.65%. Fee will be billed monthly in arrears in 1/12 intervals and will be pulled from your investment account. As an example, the monthly fee is $0.54/per $1,000 invested.

    Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“CS&Co”), a registered broker-dealer and member SIPC, will provide custody, trading and support services for your account(s).

Flexible and easy to use platform

Paperless Account Opening

Paperless account opening and transfers with just a few clicks

Auto Deposits and Transfers

Automate your investment savings and transfer from your external accounts

No Fees to Buy or Sell

No additional fees to buy or sell securities in your portfolio

Portfolio Rebalancing

We rebalance your portfolio at no additional cost to you

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Year-to-date results as of 12/31/20* 

  • Portfolio Risk Number 30-40* 12.03% 12.03%
  • Portfolio Risk Number 41-50* 16.80% 16.80%
  • Portfolio Risk Number 51-60* 20.75% 20.75%
  • Portfolio Risk Number 61-70* 19.91% 19.91%
  • Portfolio Risk Number 71+* 27.28% 27.28%
  • Strategic Opportunities Portfolio 73+ (min. investment: $50,000)* 27.93% 27.93%

**S&P 500: 16.26%, **Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate: 9.20%, **MSCI EAFE: 5.43%

* Year-to-date results as of 12/31/20. All Performance and Return data is shown for a hypothetical portfolio and does not represent actual portfolio performance. Performance and Return data are net of applicable fund expenses, including management fees, but the performance and return data does not include the deduction of fees charged by MRA. Past performance does not guarantee or indicate future results. See ADV Brochure for disclosures, fees, risks and other considerations. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

** Year-to-date results as of 12/31/20. Source: YCharts.

Open an Account

Open and fund your account in just a few minutes. Account minimum: $5,000.