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It may not be as fun as the cake tasting but working with a financial advisor to put together a plan, which highlights financial goals for this new stage of your life, is an important investment towards your future.

If you’d like to learn more about how to put together a financial road map to achieve your goals, schedule a meeting with Beth Wahlig, Director of Sustainable Investing at MRA Advisory Group and let her help you craft a plan to reach your dreams and visions for the future. You may contact Beth via the information below and keep reading to learn more about how to prepare for the exciting new life changes coming your way!

Email:   —  Phone: (908) 313-5241

As you look forward to your new life together, your lifestyle choices and financial decisions will be important. Here are four easy steps to take on your financial journey as a couple.

Open Communication & Flexibility

You will need to talk about money openly just like you discuss where you want to go on vacation. It needs to be an established routine for you. You will need to compromise and be flexible about where you spend money. You must help each other become smarter about spending and saving.

Lifestyle Choices and Finances

You should make all lifestyle choices with your finances in mind. Sit down and talk about what your future and what type of life you envision. What would you like to do in the next couple of years? What are your priorities and what will your cash flow needs be? Develop a budget together.

Ties That Bind

After you marry, your assets are bound together figuratively and legally. Make sure you prepare the proper legal documentation including wills and changing beneficiaries on your investment accounts.

A Financial Road Map

Work with a financial advisor to put together a plan which highlights financial goals to achieve. The Game of Life was a board game that was developed to see how your lifestyle will change from early adulthood to retirement. What are your next steps as a couple? Find the right balance between your current responsibilities like paying bills and focusing on making your dreams happen like buying a house.


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